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Here's How Brampton City Council is Planning to Fight Gun and Gang Violence
August 29, 2019
Rajpreet Sahota

In a recent news conference, the province announced that they will fight violent crime by investing in several new initiatives and resources for local police.

"Our government is committed to disrupting the drug, gun and human trafficking that is fuelling gang operations across the province and threatening the safety of families and neighbourhoods," said Attorney General Doug Downey.

The federal government is providing the province with $65 million over five years to fund the following initiatives, as outlined by the report:

“We need the support and partnership of the province to deliver on Brampton’s priorities and vision. We are looking forward to building relationships, discussing issues and advancing key priorities for enhanced transit, community safety, innovation and environment-driven initiatives,” said Mayor Brown in a press release about the trip to the Association of Ontario Municipalities Conference.

In a recent press release, city council stated that they welcome the joint federal and provincial announcement on the initiative to take action against gun and gang violence in Ontario.

"As a significant public safety concern for Brampton residents, the city recognizes the importance of taking a regional approach when tackling gun and gang violence and is committed to ensuring Brampton is a safe city," said city council.

The city will be collaborating with Peel Police and the Ontario government on the creation of the new Intensive Firearm Bail Team in Peel to support bail hearings and proceedings for gun-related offences in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

"We have been fighting for Brampton’s fair share of funding and appreciate that following meetings with Bill Blair and Sylvia Jones, Brampton will receive this important funding to fight guns and gangs in our city. We will continue to focus on providing the necessary resources to keep Brampton a safe city to live, work and play," says Mayor Patrick Brown.

The city, alongside Peel Police, will put forward public safety projects as the province establishes a GTA/Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) Gun and Gang Fund, focused on supporting community safety projects and partnerships in the GTA and Greater Golden Horseshoe.

The city has yet to receive further details on the application process and respective applications for the GTA/Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) Gun and Gang Fund.

"Fighting the guns and gangs issue in Brampton requires partnerships, time, and investment from all levels of government. Today's announcement reflects the negative impact guns and gangs have on our community and our resolve to continue tackling this problem," says Councillor and Chair of Community Safety Advisory Committee Charmaine Williams.

Recently, city council approved $300,000 in the city's 2019 Budget for Community Safety Projects, including allocations to expand Neighbourhood Watch Brampton across the city.