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King Township reduces speed limits on part of 18th Sideroad near Pottageville Park

Speed drops from 60 km/h to 50 km/h
July 22, 2019
Sheila Wang

You may want to slow down on your way to the Pottageville Park.

King Township council voted on June 24 to reduce the current speed limit on 18th Sideroad from 60 kilometres per hour to 50 km/h from 7th Concession Road to the dead end.

Starting July 8, the new speed limit will be enforced on the part of the road near the Pottageville Park for the purpose of improving road safety.

Township staff recommended the speed limit reduction on the 18th Sideroad in order to harmonize the posted speeds in the surrounding area of the Pottageville Park.

The 7th Concession, adjoining the 18th Sideroad west of the park, has a posted speed limit of 50 km/h, according to a staff report from the engineering, public works department.

“It really didn’t make sense for a dead-end road to have a higher speed than a cross street,” said David Van Veen, senior project manager of the department.

Staff has received complaints from area residents about traffic infiltration and speeding problems on the section of the road because of the frequent use of the park by visitors, he added.

“It’s more of a housekeeping exercise,” Van Veen said. “It was probably missed when we went through the consolidated bylaw.”

The Pottageville Park features a quaint shelter named Pottageville Pavilion in the hamlet of Pottageville in northeastern King, which holds up to 50 people in its indoor space.

It is also equipped with a baseball diamond and two minisoccer fields, surrounded by lots of green space.

It has been a popular destination for area residents and visitors from elsewhere.