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Premier Doug Ford salutes Markham's Veoneer on creating 300 new jobs

'I always say we have the most talented people in the world right here in Ontario'
April 17, 2019
Tim Kelly

Ontario Premier Doug Ford celebrated job creation at a high-tech Markham automotive supply manufacturer on Tuesday morning.

Joined by Economic Development Minister Todd Smith, Mayor Frank Scarpitti and Markham-Thornhill MPP Logan Kanapathi, Ford praised Veoneer Canada Inc., which makes safety electronics and driver-assistance systems, for creating 300 new jobs. The plant on Birchmount Road near 14th Avenue currently employs about 725 workers.

“It’s great to be here at Veoneer Canada Inc. and to congratulate them on forecasting 300 jobs for the Markham plant. They’re developing the next generation, the cutting edge in automotive technology right here in our province,” said Ford.

“I always say we have the most talented people in the world right here in Ontario. You’re showing the world that Ontario is still the leader in the automotive sector. These are the latest new jobs that our province has helped create. In fact, since last June, Ontario created over 120,000 new jobs across the province.”

Ford said, “We’re making Ontario open for business and open for jobs because we know that each job we help create makes Ontario’s economy a little bit stronger.”

Smith said the government is “helping create an environment where job creators like Veoneer can invest and grow in Ontario. We’re committed to creating good, local well-paying jobs right across the province and that includes right here in Markham.”

Scarpitti was eager to celebrate the automotive bona fides of Markham.

“Today we are celebrating the future. This is where the next generation of innovators will work on the next generation of vehicles. I have to applaud Premier Ford and his government for investing $40 million over the next three years in the Driving Prosperity auto sector plan, which is going to help companies like Veoneer and cities like the City of Markham.”

He added, “We’re very proud to be home to the GM Canada Technical Centre, to Honda Canada, to Hyundai and Weins Canada. There’s no doubt that the auto sector is alive and well in the City of Markham.”