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June 7, 2018
Simone Joseph

Projections indicate incumbent Progressive Conservative candidate Gila Martow will retain her seat in Thornhill.

She has served as MPP for Thornhill since 2014.

In her victory speech, she compared premier-elect Doug Ford to a camp director, always working to energize those working with him.

Sabi Ahsan was the Liberal candidate, Ezra Tanen was the NDP candidate, Mike Holmes was the Libertarian and Rachel Dokhoian represented the Green Party. Caryn Bergmann was originally running for the Greens in the Thornhill riding, but has since switched to Markham-Thornhill.

In the last election, in 2014, there was a recount. Originally, it was declared a Liberal victory for Sandra Yeung Racco over Martow, but a data entry error was discovered during the official tabulation by Elections Ontario the next day, and Martow was declared the winner.

Yeung Racco’s team asking for a judicial recount, which was granted.

Eventually, Elections Ontario declared the Progressive Conservative the winner after a recount. Martow ended up with 21,886 votes, while Racco received 21,780.