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Looking for answers

May 2, 2018
Rob Jowett

A Hamilton city councillor is looking for answers about the proposed sale of a pipeline in southern Ontario.

Line 10 is an Enbridge-owned pipeline, which runs along the edge of Hamilton from Westover Terminal in Flamborough to Kiantone, N.Y. Enbridge announced the sale of Line 10 to U.S.-based United Refining Company in an April 4 letter to Hamilton.

Ward 3 councillor Matthew Green says the letter is not good enough, the city needs more information. Council adopted Green’s motion last week, asking the energy company to report on how the sale might impact the city, and what future responsibilities Enbridge will have.

“I want that they report back to ensure that all existing standards or contracts have been respected,” he told NRU. “I have no information on this company whatsoever, and they’re going to be responsible for… a major piece of infrastructure that could potentially have serious ecological implications on our communities.”

United Refining Company owns about 350 gas stations in the United States, as well as a refinery which processes 70,000 barrels of oil a day. It also owns an asphalt terminal and runs a trucking operation. The company has no operations in Canada apart from an office in Alberta.

“The [National Energy Board] regulates companies that own and/or operate interprovincial or international pipelines, including Line 10,” National Energy Board communications officer Chantal Macleod told NRU in an email. “As Line 10 is a regulated asset, were it to change ownership, there would be continuing applicability of NEB conditions and regulations. Any new company would have to meet the same safety and environmental protections to which Enbridge is currently held.” The sale would require NEB approval.

Enbridge declined to comment for this article.