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20-Minute Makeover with Councillor Carella

May 2018

On April 13th, Councillor Tony Carella joined the students and staff at St. Angela Merici Catholic Elementary School in Woodbridge for the City of Vaughan's 20 Minute Makeover. The students, eagerly, went around their school grounds collecting any and all garbage. Once they were done, the fields and grounds were spotless. Every year in Vaughan- schools, businesses, residents, and community groups come together to take part in Vaughan's 20 Minute Makeover community litter clean-up. In 2017, over 17,000 people participated in the event all across the City! The idea is simple, celebrate the beginning of spring by taking 20 minutes to go outside, be active, and help to clean up litter in your community. This year was just as successful and the City of Vaughan would like to thank all who participated.