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EAF Projects in Vaughan-Woodbridge Announcement at Hospice Vaughan

May 2018

On April 3rd, MP Francesco Sorbara, in mutual support of Honourable MP Kirsty Duncan invited the community to Hospice Vaughan, to learn more about Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) Projects in Vaughan. EAF projects include not-for-profit, for profit, and municipality organizations to secure disabled persons lacking mobility and access to community services a means of entry to multiple desired settings (community and workplace accessibility). Hospice Vaughan was sponsored by EAF, receiving $50,000 to build an essential elevator at their Centre of Excellence Residential Hospice and update mobility in the facility. During the event, proposals were outlined for the inclusivity of all members of the community, such as the installation of new technology, renovations of particular buildings, and funding applications that will ensure the progress for the development. This evolution of communal accessibility is a steppingstone for respect between diverse citizens of Ontario, and many in the community are confident in the promise of positive outcomes in the near future.