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Earth Hour Vaughan

May 2018

The 11th Annual Earth Hour Vaughan was celebrated at Vaughan City Hall on March 24th. The event recognized the necessity to prevent climate change, and valued the utilities in our world that we take for granted. The dim evening was attractively lit up by guests themselves that participated in compelling activities to defend the environment from harm. Guests held lanterns while walking around the building to discover more recreation and sources of unpowered light, such as candlelit yoga and a cycling night ride. Other entertainment was featured too, prizes were awarded for attendance and contribution, and exhibits brought along more fascination, tempting guests to forever remain in the gorgeous gloom of the night. Engaging in these activities for a single evening compensated for the harm already done to the planet, and brought awareness to the setbacks of achieving a healthy progressing environment, changing the perspectives of many that attended. To learn more about Earth Hour and how to preserve our environment, please see www.earthhour.org/.