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Cosmos condo owners cancel plan to protest at Vaughan City Hall

"We have decided as a group to postpone the protest:" owner

April 27, 2018
Tim Kelly

They aren’t happy with the local government response to their issue, but it seems Vaughan’s Cosmos condos buyers may have jumped the gun by announcing they were protesting at Vaughan City Hall on Monday.

Turns out the idea was premature at best.

One of the Cosmos condos buyers, who are frustrated after their sold-out Vaughan Metropolitan Centre project was cancelled by builder Liberty Development and deposits returned earlier this month, said it’s too soon to protest.

“We have decided now as a group to postpone the protest,” said Santino Paglia, a Cosmos condo buyer who lives in Bolton but grew up in Vaughan.

“We agreed our time and effort right now should be on the meeting with our lawyer. The protest will happen after that,” Paglia said.

Cosmos condos buyers want the city and province to crack down on developers cancelling contracts after pre-selling units.