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Vaughan bylaw officer recognized for saving man's life
'He looked like he wanted to go that day': Igor Piatetskii
Oct. 25, 2017
Tim Kelly

He's used to getting grief for his work.

After all, the job of a bylaw officer involves handing out tickets to people who have broken a city rule or regulation and the appearance of a man or woman in blue is not welcome news for the recipient.

But on Tuesday, Igor Piatetskii, a Vaughan provincial offences (bylaw) officer, was honoured for an heroic act he performed on the job last February.

The 33-year-old was driving at 10 p.m. on a cold night when he spotted a man standing in the median on Pine Valley Drive, just south of Hwy.  7.

"The man didn't look like he was asking for money, or look homeless, he looked distressed," said Piatetskii.

He pulled over on the shoulder and went to speak to the man. Piatetskii was able to manoeuvre him on to the boulevard and started to speak to him, but noticed the man kept on looking over his shoulder at the vehicles passing by.

"I called York Regional Police, but tried to keep the man talking to me, and then police arrived and took him into custody."

Piatetskii said it was later determined the man, in his 60s, was suicidal and planned to jump in front of the vehicles.

"He looked like he wanted to go that day. I was concerned for him," he said.

Albert Chan, supervisor of bylaw and compliance, said Piatetskii is just one of a dozen officers who put their heart and soul into what they do in the city.

"It is great when officers like him get recognized. I'm proud of what he's done. He is the second officer who has been recognized with this award since 2010."

Sharon Chamberlaine was honoured in 2015.