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Uber public transit a huge success according to Innisfil
By Mike Arsalides
August 4, 2017

Innisfil's answer to public transit - Uber - is an overwhelming success if you ask the town.

The pilot project launched in May at a cost of $26,000 and so far it has serviced 4,800 trips in and around town.

“To us that’s a big success story,” says Paul Pentikainen, Innisfil’s senior policy planner.

The town says they're covering more ground using Uber than they would've with $300,000 buses.

However, some Innisfil Uber drivers have recently quit. One saying Uber promised him incentives and didn’t follow through with bonuses, boosts and guaranteed income rates.

Innisfil Taxi says Uber hasn’t really hurt their business either; seeing only a 5 per cent dip since the program launched.

Then there's the promise of installing kiosks around town for those without smartphones or the Uber app. The kiosks were never installed. Officials say residents can call the town during normal business hours and they'll book Uber trips for them.

Speaking with CTV News, an Innisfil Uber driver named Tony says this is his full-time job and he's making more than he did at his previous place of employment.

He says he averages between 16 and 20 fares a day, each between $6 and $15 dollars. Though he admits he's got the market cornered right now with just six active Uber drivers around town.