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Aurora facilities to offer new power boost menu to promote healthy eating
Aug. 10, 2017
By Teresa Latchford

Get a power boost at Aurora’s recreation facilities.

Healthy Kids Community Challenge Aurora and the town has just launched the Power Boost Menu. The pilot project, offering fresh and healthy food and beverages at concession stands at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex, Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex and Aurora Community Centre, will run until October.

“We’re excited to see how the community responds to this pilot project, especially since we’ve been hearing more and more requests from parents and community members for healthier options where their kids spend time,” Healthy Kids Community Challenge Aurora program co-ordinator Kathleen Ko said.

The new menu includes yogurt and granola parfait, vegetables and dip, hummus and crackers, real-fruit smoothies and whole fruit.

The project is part of the organization’s choose to boost veggies and fruit initiative, which encourages children and families to make the nutritious food part of their daily lives.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends children two to 13 years of age consume four to six servings of fruits and vegetables per day. But according to Statistics Canada’s health indicator profile, shows a decline in consumption in Ontario in recent years with 42 per cent of Ontario children ages 12 and up eating at least five servings in 2003 and only 38 per cent in 2014.

Children and adolescents are said to get just shy of 30 per cent of their daily calorie intake through snacks, food consumed not at regular meal times. Since many parents are rushing to get their children to their extracurricular activities and often need a snack to tide their children over until dinner, it only makes sense to have food that will help sustain them through their activity.

While the traditional concession stand offerings will still be available, the healthy and fresh menu items will provide choice. Free vouchers will also be available through September.

“As the pilot goes, we will be collecting data to access if the menu is successful and what things are most popular on the menu,” Ko said.

Organizers will be asking for public feedback on the new menu. Those who complete a survey at, will have the chance to win a $100 grocery gift card.