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Buca is expanding to the 905   
April 12, 2017
Rebecca Fleming

Rob Gentile is growing his empire—but this time, he’s bringing his duck bigoli and porchetta schiacciata to the burbs. The new Buca and Bar Buca will open in Vaughan’s Transit City, a 55-storey condo tower and part of the city’s planned 100-acre SmartCentre Place development. Gentile is already one of the biggest names in Toronto food, but the original Bucas (and Buca Yorkville) aren’t exactly a quick spin down the 400 for suburban fans of his Italian menus. And skyrocketing rents and real estate costs in Toronto almost guarantee this won’t be the last downtown restaurant that decides to put down stakes in the suburbs. In the meantime, Vaughan residents will have to be patient: Transit City isn’t scheduled for occupancy until 2020.