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Nobleton to see streetscaping improvements in near future
April 12, 2017
Simon Martin

Nobleton will be a little more aesthetically pleasing in the future. A streetscaping initiative will transform Highway 27 and King Road in the village core.

These improvements will include sidewalks, benches, street furniture like garbage cans and bicycle racks, gardens and flower beds, banner and flower poles, and Nobleton signage.

A bronze sign for Nobleton is proposed for the Highway 27 and King Road intersection. The sign will sit on a brick wall.

In 2014, York Region identified a capital improvement program in this area aligning a streetscaping project with a capital project allowing the municipality to access additional funding through the Municipal Streetscaping Partnership Grant Program. Upgrades are a part of the streetscaping plan, urbanization plan, community improvement plans and transportation master plan.