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Be prepared to pay more: gas prices will skyrocket in York Region
April 11, 2017
Tim Kelly

The cost to drive is going up – way up.

It will be six cents per litre more to fill up as of midnight April 12, so you'll want to fill your tank April 11.

That's because gas stations will be switching over from winter gas to summer gas, according to Gas Buddy analyst Dan McTeague.

Prices will go from an average of $1.15.9 to $1.21.9 per litre in most of York Region at the stroke of midnight.

"We haven't that price since early October 2014," according to McTeague.

"We're looking at higher prices for the foreseeable future, especially since U.S. demand is going through the roof," added McTeague, who sees gas prices ranging as high as $1.25 to $1.30 per litre at times throughout the summer.

Since March 13, when the average price of gas in Ontario was $1.03 for a litre of regular gas, filling your tank has only become more expensive. As of April 11, it reached an average price of $1.11.

Of course, the price can vary widely across the region.

For instance, gas prices in Newmarket April 11 range from $1.09.9 to $1.15.9, while in Vaughan, they range from $1.04.9 to $1.15.9. In Markham and Richmond Hill, the numbers are $1.08.9 to $1.15.9 and $1.14.9 to $1.15.9, respectively, while in Keswick, you can get the best deal around at as low as $1.02.9.