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Halton Hills sees reduction in energy during Earth Hour 2017
April 10, 2017
Kathryn Boyle

The Town of Halton Hills celebrated its tenth annual Earth Hour on March 25, and the goal was met in reducing energy consumption.

With the support of local businesses, schools, residents and other organizations, local energy consumption decreased by 2.8 per cent during the hour. That percentage is equivalent to powering about 1,494 homes for an hour.

Since the Town's involvement in Earth Hour, beginning in 2008, the Town has saved enough electricity to pour around 28,146 homes for one hour.

“Halton Hills residents continue to take local practical actions to reduce energy consumption to participate in this global movement," Halton Hills mayor Rick Bonnette said in a press release from the town. "I encourage residents to continue to reduce energy through our daily choices such as: turning off unnecessary lights and electronics, replacing inefficient lighting with more efficient lighting, turning down the heat when it is not  necessary or waiting to use electronic appliances later in the day when the energy demand is not as high. All of our collective actions make a positive difference in our community. I am proud we are celebrating our ten-year anniversary of participation in Earth Hour."

This year, the Town teamed up with Halton Hills Hydro and Wastewise to collect electronic waste.