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Knights Of Malta Hosts Love & Humainty and
March 1, 2017

On February 10th under the leadership of Mario Cortellucci, the Grand Priory of Canada of the Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta hosted the For Love & Humanity fundraiser at Riviera Parque to raise money in support of those affected by the earthquakes of Central Italy. The event was a huge success and together with additional campaign activities, an impressive $250,000 was raised. Similar to the fundraising done for the earthquake in L’Aquila, 100% of the funds raised will be used directly for relief efforts. The event was filled with great entertainment including a performance by Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame inductee, Andy Kim and comedian Sandra Carusi from AM640 Inside Jokes. The Grand Prior of Canada, Mario Cortellucci extends a great thank you to all the sponsors and the participants that have generously donated. CIBC will continue to accept donations for those interested in supporting the cause through O.S.J. Charities Trust Fund, Central Italy Earthquake Relief Fund 2016. A/C# 010-09012-4929217. Funds raised will benefit this humanitarian initiative, helping those most in need.

Knights Of Malta Hosts Love & Humainty