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Is Uber gearing up to launch in Vancouver?
Feb. 27, 2017
Simon Little

Uber is hiring a key position in the city that could herald a larger driver hiring spree.

It could be one of the first steps to the rubber hitting the road for Uber in Vancouver.

The ride-hailing company is hiring a “Driver Onboarding Specialist” to “help onboard Uber driver-partners.”

The job description? Walking drivers through the “onboarding” process, which according to Uber’s website, is a Q&A session that includes training on the Uber app and a review of background checks.

Other posted duties include uploading and approving driver documents and promoting the Uber brand and motivating drivers.

The posting lists Vancouver and Calgary as work locations but is silent on a start date or Uber launch date.

Late last year the province said it had completed consultations with stakeholders on the ridesharing industry but offered no timeline.

The province says it can’t speak to Uber’s hiring decisions. But it says it’s held extensive consultations on ride sharing and will announce a position before the election.

No word yet from Uber on the ad.