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Aurora's Mavrinac Park gets green light
July 14, 2016
Teresa Latchford

Mavrinac Park won’t include a washroom or fitness equipment.

Aurora council was tasked with providing direction to town staff regarding the currently vacant property in the Mavrinac Boulevard and Borealis Avenue area before the bidding process for construction begins. The final design presented at this week’s council meeting included a loop trail system, basketball court, tennis courts, pickle ball court, open play and picnic area with the option of including a washroom and fitness equipment around the trail.

While councillors agreed a washroom facility wasn’t necessary at the neighbourhood park, they had varying opinions of the fitness equipment.

“I’ve seen them on other trails but I have never seen people actually using them,” Councillor Harold Kim said of the fitness equipment. “I can tell you my kids would use them but not the way they were intended.”

Councillor Michael Thompson disagreed and reminded council that the town has made a commitment to get more people active in the community and that the addition of the fitness equipment would encourage that.

Councillor Wendy Gaertner felt including the washroom and the fitness equipment would not be fiscally responsible.

Kim suggested the addition of a third tennis court and Councillor Sandra Humfryes suggested the pickleball court, both were voted down.

Councillor Paul Pirri remained opposed to the entire park calling it a “waste of money” and “unnecessary”.

Mayor Geoff Dawe also opposed the park project due to the conversations around nearby residents not wanting amenities that would attract people outside the neighbourhood.

“The whole thing has become very territorial,” he said. “We don’t put in parks specifically for use by specific neighbourhoods.”

The final concept plan for Mavrinac Park was approved and the bidding process for the construction contract is the next step.