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Where are they now? A guide to Toronto’s on-again off-again public transit projects
July 14, 2016

Torontonians can be forgiven for feeling a little confused over their tangle of transit projects, the many light-rail lines proposed, killed and under construction across the city, or the six-year discussion over how to help transit-starved Scarborough.

Two major projects, the Scarborough subway and the growing demand for a new line to relieve downtown crowding, saw major changes following a council vote Wednesday.

City councillors greenlit a one-stop, subway express line from Kennedy Station to the Scarborough Town Centre, rejecting a seven-stop LRT line the province originally committed funds for in 2010 (Mayor Rob Ford later cancelled that LRT line). Council also voted for the first phase of a 7.5-kilometre subway relief line connecting Pape Station to the downtown core via Pape Avenue, Eastern Avenue and Queen Street.

Where do the projects fit in the grand scheme of transit planning in the Greater Toronto Area? There are many projects that have undergone fits and starts in recent years. Here’s where they all currently stand:

Funded and under construction

York-Spadina subway extension (TTC)

Eglinton Crosstown LRT (Metrolinx)

Funded but not yet being built

Scarborough subway extension (TTC)

Finch West LRT (Metrolinx)

Sheppard East LRT (Metrolinx)

Largely funded with approved plan

GO Regional Express Rail (RER) expansion (Metrolinx)

Funding and plans unclear

Eglinton East LRT (Metrolinx)

SmartTrack (Metrolinx)

No funding and still being studied

Yonge Relief Line subway (TTC)

Eglinton West LRT (Metrolinx)

Waterfront Reset (TTC)

Yonge St. extension to Richmond Hill (Metrolinx/TTC)