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York Region getting 33 new electric vehicle charging stations in 18 locations through Ontario grant program
July 13, 2016
By Teresa Latchford

Electric car drivers will soon be able to extend their trips more easily in York Region thanks to a grant from the Ontario government.

The province announced today it is working with 24 public- and private-sector partners to install electric vehicle charging stations in cities, along highways, at workplaces and in public areas across Ontario. The project is being funded through the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario grant program.

The installation of 500 electric charging stations in 250 locations, 18 of which are in York Region, is expected to be complete by April 1, 2017, forming the largest public network of Level 3 stations in Canada.

However, many of the stations, including 27 of the 33 to be installed in York Region, will be Level 2.

Level 2 stations can provide full charges in a matter of hours, such as overnight or during the day while the vehicle’s owner is at work, though often, a full charge is not necessary for the user to get where they need to go.

Level 3 stations can provide full charges in a matter of minutes, such as during a coffee or lunch break.

Planned locations in York Region include:



Richmond Hill



In addition to the planned stations, several charging stations already exist in York Region.