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Stouffville unveils new parking permit system to help business owners, tenants

From the town's 330 parking spots, 81 will be reserved for permit parking while the remaining 351 will remain free
Nov. 7, 2016
By Ali Raza

Parking just got easier for business owners, tenants and visitors to the town.

Stouffville unveiled its new parking permit program for portions of its downtown parking lots on Nov. 7. The new system aims to relieve parking difficulties faced by businesses and visitors, but also brings more robust enforcement for residents parking in the town’s four downtown lots and residential streets.

Following town council’s approval in April, the parking system was initiated based on the on-street residential and commercial parking study conducted over the last year and a half.

Town council approved the need for new permits, new signage and improved customer service to help residents park with ease.

Most roads in Stouffville offer free three-hour parking, including Main Street and town-owned parking lots. But accommodation for long-term parking - specifically business employees and apartment tenants - was lacking.

To tackle the issue, which many downtown businesses have repeatedly brought to the town’s attention, the study was conducted.

“Many downtown businesses approached us saying they need parking alternatives for their staff who frequently require parking longer than three hours,” said project lead and customer services manager Tamara Carlson. “Employees were getting parking tickets - but they didn’t have any other option.”

Business owners, staff, tenants and visitors now have the option to purchase parking permits for extended parking with business owners having first preference.

Residents may still freely park for up to three hours on most roads, Main Street and parking lots as permit parking spots are designated and separate from regular spots.

Out of a total of 330 parking spots in town, 81 will be reserved for long-term (permit) parking while the remaining 351 will remain free for up to three hours.

Parking lots at the Leisure Centre are unaffected, as are lots owned and operated by GO Transit.

Permits apply to one dedicated spot and can be assigned with two license plates. They can be purchased by week, month, three-month or six-month periods.

For one week, a permit costs $30 plus tax, one month for $75 plus tax, three months for $150 plus tax and six months for $200 plus tax.

The parking study also highlighted the need for enhanced parking enforcement.

“Stouffville has had a three-hour time limit for as long as I can remember,” said bylaw enforcement manager Linda Mainprize. “But we have struggled with having enough staff to enforce it. With the addition of two new recruits to our force, we can now enforce the bylaw more effectively.”

Mainprize says residents can expect increased parking enforcement in town.

Residential parking permits are also available for anyone needing to park longer than three hours. Permits can be purchased by calling customer service at 905-640-1900 or visiting town hall at 111 Sandiford Dr.

Permits are sold at first-come, first served basis.

Parking lots with dedicated parking spots include: Park Drive South lot in Memorial Park, Market Street lot south of Main Street, 6240 Main St. parking lot and 12 Edward St. parking lot.