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Canada’s Next Green Journalist is from Thornhill

Thornhill Liberal
May 16, 2014

A Thornhill student is Canada’s Next Green Journalist.

The environmental journalism competition calls on Canadian youth to create a video, photograph or write an article.

Their work must investigate environmental issues and contain an original solution.

This year, topics for investigation were litter and waste management.

Grade 9 student Max Erenberg won first place in the article category, for ages 11 to 14. He wrote an article about litter, and his solutions included companies reducing packaging, and increased fines.

He received $500 for his school - Bayview Secondary School in Richmond Hill - a laptop and had his submission published online.

The competition is an opportunity for young people to get involved and find solutions to environmental problems in their communities, said Stephanie Kohls from Environmental Defence.

“It’s apparent that the next generation cares deeply about the environment,” she said.

Max also spoke on youth involvement, saying, “I think it’s absolutely crucial. Youth are the next generation who will feel the consequences of such issues, which is why it’s so important to prevent them now while we still can.”

In addition to his prize, the teen is one of 10 Canadian winners who will go on to compete in the International Young Reporters for the Environment Competition.

“I’m really proud to be able to compete on an international stage,” Max said. He said it was a great opportunity to have his voice heard and learn more about an environmental issue.

Max gave advice to youth who would like to get involved.

“I would advise students to choose a topic that they’re really passionate about and get involved outside of the classroom.”

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