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Thornhill dancers enjoy success as entrepreneurs

Cotton Candy Event Staffing their new venture
Nov. 21, 2014
By David Li

While Thornhill’s Nicole Pollock and Jorie Brown may be known for their dancing and choreography skills, the two former Westmount Collegiate graduates are also entrepreneurs, thanks to the launch of Cotton Candy Event Staffing this past summer.

Having both danced competitively during their youth, and then as cheerleaders on the Toronto Raptors and the Toronto Argonauts, the two Westmount Collegiate alumna and York University graduates acknowledge their mirrored paths provided them with a strong foundation to build a business partnership.

“Because we’ve done so many similar things and have similar interests, going into business together made perfect sense to both of us. It’s been very easy for us to just bounce ideas off each other,” said Pollock, who has a background in professional recruiting.

“Cotton Candy is a boutique business that focuses on the needs of clients and being able to enhance their brand or event through the power of people,” she explained of their new venture.

With clients ranging from Canadian and American financial institutions to popular recording artists and with notable movie studios already on board, their new venture is off to a strong start.

“A lot of the stuff that we’ve done so far has been through word of mouth and has been referrals,” said Brown about Cotton Candy, which staffs brand ambassadors, street teams, hosts and hostesses, etc. for their clients.

“A lot of those connections we’ve made through our time growing up in Thornhill,” she added.

Pollock also recognizes the importance of lessons learned and connections made growing up in Thornhill.

“It’s very nice to have started out in a tight-knit community, because we’ve learned the importance of building relationships,” she noted.

“Before even launching, we were able to build our network. We’re both very active in the community and we’ve built a lot of trusted relationships with people who have connections; so when we let them know that we were opening up a business, they put their trust into us from knowing us previously,” Pollock continued.

The two credit their background in competitive dance for providing them with important life skills, which they are now incorporating as entrepreneurs.

“Being competitive dancers taught us to be confident, disciplined, and able to handle pressure, which are things applicable in all areas of life - especially business,” said Pollock. “So in a sense, our background in dancing has provided us with the foundation for success.”

Given the successful start to their venture, the Thornhill entrepreneurs were asked what their words of wisdom would be for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Do what you’re passionate about or something you love,” Brown replied. “Being a business owner is a lot of hard work, because there’s a lot of planning, organizing and other things involved, but both Nicole and I have found it to be a rewarding experience also.”

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