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Election 2014: Here's what you need to know this morning

Ten months. Here are the eight things you really need to know.
Oct. 28, 2014

The most noisy, divisive, tumultuous and exciting municipal election in our lifetime is finally over.

Here’s what the view looks like on the morning after.

1. Rob Ford is still the mayor of Toronto.
2. John Tory will succeed him on Monday, Dec. 1, 34 days from now.
3. Here’s how Toronto voted:

4. Voter turnout soared in Toronto. The rest of the GTA? Not so much.

The numbers, in descending order of participation:

5. Brampton voters had enough of Susan Fennell as their mayor. She was swept aside by former MPP Linda Jeffrey, who drew 49 per cent of votes to Fennell’s 12 per cent.

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6. For the first time in 36 years, Hazel McCallion is not the mayor of Mississauga. The 93-year-old will be succeeded by city councillor and former Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie.

Who won the mayoral race in your city?

7. Half of the scandal-plagued Toronto District School Board is out. Six of the 22 incumbents went down to defeat, while at least five retiring trustees were replaced by new faces. One of those newcomers is Mike Ford, nephew of Rob and Doug.

8. Speaking of which, the Rob Ford era in Toronto politics isn’t over just yet. He easily reclaimed his old Ward 2 seat and will return to City Hall as a councillor. No one else even came close.