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Vaughan endorses the Treat Accessibly initiative making it the first municipality in Canada to do so
Oct. 7, 2021

The City of Vaughan is dedicated to fostering an inclusive community where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can thrive -- including on Halloween. As a reflection of this commitment to advancing accessibility, Vaughan Council recently endorsed the Treat Accessibly initiative making the City the first municipality in Canada to do so.

During the Sept. 28 Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting, Local and Regional Councillor Linda Jackson introduced members to Treat Accessibly, a grassroots movement started in 2017 by the Padulo family to make Halloween trick-or-treating more accessible and inclusive for all families. At the Oct. 5 Committee of the Whole (1) meeting, Local and Regional Councillor Jackson brought forward a Member’s Resolution supporting the Treat Accessibly initiative, which was approved by Council. The Member’s Resolution will be formally ratified at a meeting of Council on Oct. 20.

According to the Treat Accessibly website, approximately 400,000 children in Canada identify with having a disability that may prevent them from trick-or-treating because of something as simple as stairs. Treat Accessibly outlines the following ways households in Vaughan, and in communities throughout North America, can distribute Halloween goodies in a safe and accessible way:

When taking your family trick-or-treating this year, remember to remain vigilant. Adhere to all COVID-19 health and safety protocols -- including wearing a mask and practising physical distancing from others.

The Treat Accessibly initiative is consistent with the City’s mission to foster a barrier-free community and the goal to create a completely accessible city by 2025.