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Markham fire service challenges you to 'Get Loud' by testing your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
Oct. 5, 2021

Oct. 3 to 9 is Fire Prevention Week and Markham Fire Services wants you to learn the sounds of fire safety.

Working alarms save lives, but almost 60 per cent of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms, 41 per cent where smoke alarms did not operate and 16 per cent where smoke alarms were not connected to the home’s electricity supply or to batteries, according to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Smoke Alarms in US Home Fires report.

People tend to remove alarm batteries or dismantle them because they are annoyed by the alarms when they go off, however, silent alarms mean there is now no early warning of smoke or carbon monoxide, both of which can lead to injury or death.

At the very least, disabled or missing alarms can lead to problems with home insurance claims made following a fire.

This Fire Prevention Week, the Markham fire department wants to make sure your smoke and CO alarms work and you “learn the sounds of fire safety,” so you can respond immediately when you hear them.

It offers the following tips to stay safe:


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