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What's coming up at Newmarket council: 2% tax hike proposed for 2022
Oct. 4, 2021

Newmarket council is beginning its budget review process Monday, Oct. 4 with a planned two per cent property tax increase.

Councill will hear a draft 2022 budget report at its committee of the whole meeting. The agenda also features water and wastewater plans, a report on traffic-calming measures and more.

Here is what NewmarketToday will be following:

Budget talks underway
Newmarket council will begin navigating its 2022 budget, which could come with cost increases for residents.

Council directed staff in May to budget with a goal of an approximately two per cent tax rate increase, down from three per cent that staff initially presented. The two per cent would amount to a tax bill increase of $44.09 for the year for a home with an assessed value of $702,400, according to a staff report.

But water and wastewater rates are also increasing by 3.8 per cent, driven mostly by York Region, potentially costing an average home an additional $48.09 over the year. Stormwater rates are increasing by 10 per cent, which amounts to $4.63 per year on an average property.

Council has also discussed a further tax increase to start saving for future infrastructure.

Council is scheduled to review operating and capital budgets over the next couple of months, with a final budget approval expected Dec. 13.

Traffic calming
The pandemic has driven down traffic collisions and volumes in Newmarket, but a report suggests municipal calming initiatives have helped.

Staff submitted a report to update about traffic calming measures. Collisions have declined in the municipality since 2016, when “more aggressive traffic calming initiatives” began according to a report, though the data is not yet available.

Traffic calming measures include solar radar speed boards, lane narrowing and boulevard signs.

The report also said traffic calming measures have resulted in average speed reductions, ranging from 1.3 km/h to 9.2 km/h.

Water and wastewater
York Region is presenting about how it will improve Newmarket’s water and wastewater system.

The region is working on a new water and wastewater master plan, which charts expected system demands until 2051. It includes an additional $1.4 billion in infrastructure compared to its last update in 2016, added to address projected growth in the coming years. The total infrastructure cost over the next 30 years is projected to be $4.3 billion.

The presentation will highlight ongoing improvements to Newmarket’s water systems and efforts to manage water demand through conservation.

The meeting will be held electronically at 1 p.m., with the municipality streaming it on its website at