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Eyes in the sky: Get an up-close look at Georgina fire department's new drone

Drone to be used for fire investigations, lake ice conditions, search and rescue
March 29, 2021
Amanda Persico

Georgina Fire and Rescue acquired a new piece of equipment help keep the community safe -- a drone.

“Having an aerial view of an emergency situation, better positions us to assist those who need our help. It can relay potentially life-saving information back to us in real time so we can respond accordingly,” said Georgina Fire Chief, Ron Jenkins.

The eyes-in-the-sky equipment cost the town about $7,000, which also includes training three Georgina fire prevention staff as drone pilots.

“It’s a small investment when compared to someone’s life,” Jenkins said.

The drone is part of the fire investigations team and is equipped with area lighting, voice communication and thermal imaging.

The drone, with a range of about 4.6 km, will be used in fire scene investigations and inspections along with active fire scenes, search and rescue, water and ice rescues, lake ice conditions, hazardous material spills, flooding and pre-planning of commercial, industrial and residential sites.