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Vaughan mayor hopes for respect as York Region goes red Monday
Feb. 22, 2021
Jane Stevenson

Senior municipal politicians in York Region say they’re counting on people living under stay-at-home orders in Toronto and Peel to not take advantage of their modest opening of stores and restaurants on Monday.

York Region moves into the red zone on Monday while neighbouring Toronto and Peel remain under stay-at-home orders.

Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua said Sunday he believes people in other regions will behave in accordance with what local health experts are telling them to do.

“I’m a big believer in individuals to make the right decisions, to make the right choices,” said Bevilacqua.

“Obviously, when we’re talking about the City of Toronto and Peel, they still have a stay-at-home order. And individuals know the rules and regulations and protocols of COVID-19, as prescribed by the province. Having said that we must remind ourselves that we’re not about to put up barriers or borders between Peel and Toronto and in York Region.”

Bevilacqua added that there are a lot of people from Toronto and Peel who work in York Region.

“It’s a very integrated economy and society,” said Bevilacqua.

“So the only thing I tell people from Peel and Toronto is that if you’re going to come to York for whatever essential reason, it is that you have to be here, just kindly respect the rules and regulations.”

York Region Chair Wayne Emmerson added there are provisions in place that will allow public health officials to impose restrictions if region hopping triggers a jump in COVID-19 cases.

Emmerson said that after almost two months of being in a more restrictive lockdown, he’s happy for small businesses in the area which have been suffering.

“I think it’s a big relief for most of them,” said Emmerson. “To the personal services (stores), your hair, etc., I think it’ll be a help to them. Some of the smaller little stores will maybe be able to get some business back so that they can get start to get some revenue and get some money in for their families.”