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Newmarket store ordered to close after openly flouting rules prohibiting in-person shopping
Jan. 7, 2021
Chris Fox

York Region’s medical officer of health has ordered the closure of a Newmarket business after it openly flouted public health rules prohibiting stores from offering in-person shopping.

The order, issued under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, alleges that Point of Light, Body, Mind, Spirit Store and Centre on Yonge Street south of Mulock Drive allowed shoppers inside the business on at least three separate occasions in recent weeks and that in each of those instances the operators were found to not be wearing masks or face coverings while serving customers.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Karim Kurji said in the order that the operators of the business were first charged with violating the Reopening Ontario Act on Dec. 23, at which time they vowed to remain open for in-person shopping in direct contravention of public health restrictions.

He said that a follow up inspection was then conducted on Dec. 24 and that customers were again found shopping inside the store. The business, however, closed for an extended period of time over the holidays.

The latest inspection occurred on Jan. 5 and Kurji said that in-person shopping had resumed at the store with neither the operators or any of the patrons wearing masks.

His order requires the store to immediately suspend in-person shopping, though it does allow them to continue offering curbside pickup.

It also requires that the store follow all applicable guidance related to COVID-19.

The fine for violating Section 22 orders is up to $5,000 a day for individuals and $25,000 a day for corporations.