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Don't be a 'nasty neighbour,' and other winter tips from City of Vaughan

Residents urged to do part to keep municipality moving in snowy times
Jan. 7, 2021
John Cudmore

Did you know It is illegal to shovel snow or ice from sidewalks and driveways onto the road?

In addition to being viewed as a nasty neighbour, the unsafe practice of dumping excess snow and ice can create unsafe driving conditions for motorists and often hinders the tasks of snow removal personnel. And, the practice is illegal without written permission from the authority responsible for the maintenance of the roadway.

That is one of the tips provided to citizens by the City of Vaughan to ensure the maintenance of safe vehicle and walking travel routes in the community during winter months. It is an exercise in reminding residents ways they can help create conditions for workers that ensure maximum efficiency during winter months.

The strategy begins with residents pitching in to help ensure the municipality has full access to clearing and salting its 2,000 kilometres of roadways and 1,000 kilometres of sidewalks.

Streets that are not plowed are often due to parked cars blocking snow-clearing vehicle access.

Residents are advised to avoid parking on streets to enable snowplows access to clear roadways and windrows. On-street parking in Vaughan is not permitted between 2 and 6 a.m.

Vehicles interfering with the movement of traffic or snow-clearing operations are subject to fines of $75.

Here are some other winter tips offered by the City of Vaughan to help residents navigate winter.

To help ensure waste is properly collected during the winter, all materials, including Christmas trees, should be kept off the road and snowbanks.

Waste should be set out on the right side of the driveway when facing the house. To avoid snowplows, it should be placed approximately one metre (three feet) from the curbside.

For more information, or to watch the city’s winter waste video, visit the city’s Winter Waste Set Out page.

For more information on Vaughan’s snow operations, or to sign up for snow alerts, visit