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Stouffville launches website to update residents on local businesses was created to help the community find and support local businesses that are open
April 28, 2020
Simon Martin

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is trying to do its part to help local businesses. The town has launched a dedicated website to help support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

“ - Everything Stouffville” was created to help the community find and support local businesses that are open and providing their products and services to Stouffville. The site hosts an ever-growing list of businesses in Whitchurch-Stouffville with complete contact information.

“This site was launched in the middle of the pandemic when our local businesses needed immediate action,” Mayor Iain Lovatt said.

“The greatest challenge for customers right now is to know which businesses are operating. While some businesses are challenged with getting their message out, this site helps accomplish all that.”

The business directory is categorized into four major areas: retail, food, services and health. The town’s economic development office is reaching out to every business weekly to update their messages about special sales, discounts or virtual offerings. Each business will have an ambassador.

“Many businesses have walked away from their websites or have simply added a COVID pop-up message,” David Tuley town economic development officer said. “But the businesses that desire direct consumer sales have migrated to Facebook and Instagram -- things that they can easily control without expertise.

Tuley and his team will be building the website continuously and adding new information as it becomes available.

"We do not want this site to become a static business directory. The community does not stand still, and neither should this website. To be Everything Stouffville we must have fresh content," Tuley said.

"This isn't a 90-day fix. It will live past COVID. The need for Everything Stouffville has been there for a long time,” he said.

“I can't wait until Phase 2 of the project when we add tourism, arts, recreational information and a collaborative online storefront shopping experience."

The website can be accessed at A business listing on the site is free. If a business would like to be added, they are asked to fill out the form at