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One of Richmond Hill's oldest buildings being renovated to become new visitor center

July 6, 2018
Cystal Howard

One of Richmond Hill's oldest buildings is still undergoing changes to preserve its history.

Back in 2016, the building was in jeopardy of being demolished by the previous owner. The clapboards in the inside were rotting. Richmond Hill says the restoration is an important piece of the city's effort to restore pieces of the Henry Ford architecture in the city.

"We have hired a historic preservationist contractor to do the work and so they are putting back some of the features here originally," said Christy Sherman, Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau.

While visitors will be able to visit Richmond Hill and soak up some of its history, they'll have a chance to view art pieces as well.

"Arts on the Coast does not have four walls, so we are permanently grateful to the city that they are going to allow us to use part of this building," said Sarah Volker, Arts on the Coast, President.

By the end of the year, the building that is over eight decades old will be Richmond Hill's new visitor center.