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Newmarket Public Library helps you grow your own healthy food

Nothing compares with homegrown veggies

July 5, 2018
Lorne Chase

Summer barbecues are great with hamburgers, hotdogs and a salad of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers that you’ve cultivated from seeds planted in your own garden. Nothing bought from the supermarket compares with fresh, homegrown veggies. And you can get free vegetable seeds and more at the Newmarket Grows Seed Library, located at Newmarket Public Library.

A true community sharing experience, the seed library is a partnership of the library and York Region Food Network. It allows gardeners to choose from seeds others have donated and, in turn, donate seeds from their own gardens.

Here’s how to get started growing your own fresh produce:

The seed library is free to everyone

You don’t need a library card or membership to borrow seeds. Just come in and select the seeds you want, free of charge. Take up to three seed packets at a time, and take a few moments to fill out a brief borrowing form.

Seed donations make the library sustainable

To ensure the long-term success of the seed library, donations are important. This is easily accomplished if you keep a small portion of the seeds you harvest from your garden and donate them. Just drop your seeds into the envelopes provided at the seed library and fill in the label on the envelope with as much information as you can. You can then give the envelope to a library staff member at the Adult Services Information Desk, conveniently located right next to the seed library.

To get started, choose the right seeds

For your garden to be a success, it’s best to begin with seeds that don’t require a great deal of care, such as tomato, bean, lettuce, pea, pepper, beet and squash. These are easier to cultivate, and you’ll soon be watching them sprout and grow.

Tending your own thriving garden is a rewarding experience. It’s also a great way to eat healthy and save money. If you’re new to seed planting, you’ll find the library has plenty of books, DVDs, magazines and databases to help you get started.

If you happen to be planting your seeds at the London & Main Community Garden, check out the Little Free Library there and help yourself to a free book to read. You can combine getting food for your table with some food for thought. Learn all about the Newmarket Grows Seed Library.