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Carlo Baldassarra 60 Years in the Making

July 1, 2018

Nearly 7 years ago The Western Point Social Club was formed to provide a meeting place for the shared heritage, values and lifestyles of the Italian-Canadian community. This special club is made up of some truly great members of this community and on June 8th, 2018 the Club celebrated one of its founding members and unbelievable success stories – Carlo Baldassarra.

The event paid homage to Carlo’s incredible life in Canada that is literally 6 decades in the making. With the incomparable Sam Ciccolini as Master of Ceremony and some show stealing speeches from Mayor Bevilacqua and Mayor Scarpitti the night was a huge success.

Carlo’s life is a true testament to the power of hard work, loyalty and integrity from the creation of the Greenpark empire, to his tireless philanthropic work to his commitment to his family and friends. Carlo, surrounded by his 9 grandchildren, delivered a heartfelt retrospective of his own life – the challenges and the successes – and true to the humility that has defined his life, he thanked the many people who joined him on his incomparable journey which began nearly 60 years to the day in which he arrived on Canadian soil.

With Carlo’s passion for the Italian-Canadian community it was fitting that all the proceeds of this event went towards the continued development and growth of the Western Point Social Club and the exciting move of the facility schedule for this summer!