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Social Innovation Challenge

July 1, 2018

On June 7th, a Social Innovation Challenges gathering was hosted at The Hub Vaughan. These gatherings inspire local social innovators to collaborate and launch their social ideas. The event started with pitch coaching and networking followed by a keynote speaker, that lead the 60 second pitches and it wrapped up with audience feedback. These are hugely impactful as social innovators become part of an ecosystem and are supported by local collaborators through their time, advice, and connections. The event hosted mentors from the business and social enterprise community in the local context. People won prizes and still gained advice that could be life-changing. The Social Innovation Challenge began as a way to connect churches with the people who are working to make their communities better, but it quickly grew into much more than that. With a growing network of over 500 social innovators and collaborators across the country, Social Innovation Challenge is connected to what’s new and emerging in the social innovation space.