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Uber celebrating four years in Toronto
The Toronto Taxi Alliance says it is shocked the ride-sharing company has been allowed to operate illegally for that long.
March 16, 2016
Justine Lewkowicz

Uber Toronto is blowing out four candles on its birthday cake today.

That is how many years the ride-sharing company has been operating in the city.

Uber says there have been 16-million rides and that there are now 15,000 active drivers.

"It's actually shocking that it's been four years that they've been allowed to operate illegally in this city," says Sam Moini with the Toronto Taxi Alliance.

The big change to the industry came in September 2014, he says, when UberX was launched, which allows drivers to pick up riders in their personal vehicles.

Since then, the taxi industry has been calling on the city to crack down against the ride-sharing app.

Next month, a city staff report is expected on how to change ground transportation regulations to create a level playing ground.

"It's disappointing that the city would look at a company that breaks the law and forces them to change the regulations," Moini says. "It shouldn't be a fact of a company coming in here and dictating to our city, and our politicians, and our regulators that we don't like your laws and regulations because it doesn't fit our business model."

In February, council voted to direct staff to pursue an injunction against Uber only under the right circumstances.

Mayor John Tory suggested that would happen if Uber decides not to follow the new regulations.