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Letter: Re: No room for Vaughan in Toronto transit, March 8
March 15, 2016

No room for Vaughan in Toronto transit, March 8

I read with disappointment and surprise Edward Keenan’s column. Putting aside his inaccurate descriptions of my home community, a city that I am proud to represent at Queen’s Park, I was taken aback with his lack of perspective as it relates to the GTHA’s transportation system.

I have now served as Ontario’s Minister of Transportation for almost two years and I have lived in the GTHA (both Toronto and Vaughan) my entire life.

Here’s the thing: gridlock is not a 416 problem, nor is it unique to the 905. It does not respect municipal boundaries or postal codes. It is a regional challenge that requires regional solutions.

Working with all municipalities across the GTHA, the Ontario government is planning and building a seamless, integrated transit network. This is a goal that the Star has long called for via its editorial pages, and rightly so. I would hope that Mr. Keenan would reconsider his comments and accept that we are all‎ in this together.

In the meantime, I extend an invitation to him to come north of Steeles to truly experience all of the wonderful things that Vaughan has to offer.

Steven Del Duca, MPP for Vaughan